Capture or upload life and add your reaction to it. SeeAll allows you to quickly and easily create awesome reaction videos, mobile vlogs, video memes, and aesthetic photos.  These photos and videos can then be uploaded to Instagram and/or shared.

The app provides the capability to first take a photo or video using the rear camera, then to take a photo or video using the front camera.  The user now can superimpose one photo/video over the other photo/video.


Compare House Loans

Calculate and compare house loan payments from Fixed Rate Mortgage and Adjustable Rate Mortgage. This app helps you to project monthly loan payments for either the Fixed Loan Mortgage or the Adjustable Rate Mortgage or both. The TOTAL of All Payments and TOTAL of All Interest Paid to the lender are also evaluated.

Payments can be calculated for many houses each with different types of loans. All loan data for different houses can be saved. Therefore, there is no need to recreate the loans for different houses.


Buy House or Rent

This app helps you decide whether it is more economical to buy a house or rent.

The app calculates an estimate of the money, when you buy a house, that does not come back to you AFTER taking into consideration tax deductions and equity accumulation. Therefore, if the monthly renting cost is lower than this estimatethen it is more economical to rent. However, if the monthly rent is higher than this estimate, then it is more economical to buy the house. Since this app makes calculations based on USA tax rules, it is designed for the USA market.


Prepay Loans

Do you want to pay your loans off early and save on interest payments? This app will show you how much money you save AND how soon you will clear your loan under various prepaying scenarios. The prepaying scenarios include making additional payments such as paying extra monthly or paying weekly or calculating the required payments in order to clear the loan in a specified time.

Loan prepayment scenarios can be calculated for many different loans. Therefore, you can add many loans in this app such as your house loan, car loan, personal loan, or home equity loan and evaluate prepayment scenarios for each of them.


Payday Loan Interest

Have you ever wondered what the interest rate is when you take a Payday Loan? Then this app calculates the interest rates for different kinds of Payday Loans. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Effective Annual Rate (EAR) are calculated for these Payday Loans. Just enter the loan amount, the amount to pay back, and the number of days to pay back for each Payday Loan. This app gives you the ability to compare the interest rates of many Payday Loans each with different terms.